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Heirloom Chia Seeds were used by the native peoples of Mexico as far back as 3500 BC. During the time of the Aztecs, Chia was one of their 5 staple foods because of all of its amazing health benefits. Before they had a pharmacy, they would turn to Chia to solve some of their ailments.

When the Spanish arrived to conquer the Aztecs, the Spanish destroyed all of the Aztec's crops to remove all traces of their past, and that would have been the end of the story for Chia...

But, there were some Chia plants that were hidden at an altitude far above where the Spanish searched, and it was these original Chia plants that sustained Chia until modern times. This is what we now know as Heirloom Chia, and it can trace its origins back to the original crops that were hidden from the Spanish.

Heirloom Chia is loaded with more nutrients than any other kind of Chia (up to double or triple the amount of normal Chia). To maintain its purity, no pesticides, herbicides or even man-made irrigation is ever used. Since mother nature provides everything necessary why should we?

Chia seeds are praised in Dr. Oz’s book “YOU Staying Young – The Owner’s Manual for Extending Your Warranty.” Chia is also one of Dr. Oz’s top 3 brain boosting Superfoods that can prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

On her TV show, Oprah and Dr. Oz talked about the array of health benefits of Chia... it's rich in fiber, Magnesium, Calcium, Omega-3 fatty acids and it packs even more vitamins than other whole grains!

Lowers Blood Pressure
in Minutes

Slows Blood Sugar Spikes to Fight Diabetes

Does its Job
Without Side-Effects

Protects You
From Free-Radicals

Scientific research has found that the nutrients in Heirloom Chia make your blood vessels naturally relax and expand. This will lower your blood pressure by 10-20 points starting in minutes!

Only maximum-strength Heirloom Chia delivers results like this.

Regulating blood glucose levels can slow or prevent the complications of diabetes and save your life.

By absorbing sugar and slowly releasing it, Heirloom Chia acts like a battery... slowly releasing energy throughout the day and stopping blood sugar spikes.

A diet without unnecessary pills or chemicals keeps your body free of side-effects. Normally, the side-effects are worse than the original problem.

Heirloom Chia does its work without life stealing side-effects. After all, improving your health shouldn't cause a new problem.

Our bodies are damaged by wave after wave of free-radicals, causing wrinkles, premature aging, even cancer. Antioxidants kill free-radicals.

With more than double the antioxidants of the “Superfood” Acai berries, Heirloom Chia seeds are one of the most antioxidant-rich foods in the world.

As Easy As Drinking Water

Just mix 1-2 tablespoons into a glass of juice, water, or your favorite beverage and drink up. It's that simple. In only 10 seconds a day, you will get all the health benefits of the easiest & most nutritious whole food on the planet.

No Taste, So it Mixes with Anything

Because Heirloom Chia is flavorless, you can add it to nearly any food or recipe, and you won't even taste it! Sprinkle it on your pizza. Bake it into muffins. Toss it in your smoothie or milk shake. Sprinkle it over oatmeal, a salad or a juicy Salmon fillet.

With your order, you’ll get access to our amazing Quick & Easy with Chia recipe eBook for dozens of other healthy ideas.

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After only taking Heirloom Chia Seeds for a day, my blood pressure has gone down by 12 points.
Natalie J.- West Palm Beach, FL
For the last 7 years, I have been taking 3 pills everyday for Hypertension. After taking Heirloom Chia for 40 days, I've been able to cut back to just 1 pill, and I'm hoping to be able to stop taking it too.
Sandra L.- Sherman Oaks, CA
I used to take fish oil pills to try and lower my cholesterol, but Heirloom Chia Seeds have put an end to that. Heirloom Chia is so much easier to take than those huge fish oil pills, and it works better.
Max M- St. Louis, MO
These amazing little seeds have improved my endurance and energy during my daily 3 mile run.
Albert R- Las Vegas, NV
After only a few days my blood pressure and blood sugar have stabilized at a normal reading since I have been using your Chia. I also noticed that I have much more energy and no longer have my 4pm downslide that I've been experiencing for years.
Melody L.- Woodland Hills, CA

In 2005, Dr. Vladimir Vuksan (a pioneer of the functional foods movement in Europe and one of the developers of the Glycemic Index) conducted the first long-term study of the benefits of Chia Seeds. In their 6-month study of type 2 diabetes patients, the researchers found Chia Seeds lowered blood pressure immediately… and… it reduced blood thickening, which can trigger cardiovascular disease (one of the leading causes of death in America!).

Some Chia is not for human consumption. Chia is grown all over the world for a number of different reasons. Other sellers often try to sell inferior quality Chia that is only meant for animals or to be re-planted. Rest assured, Heirloom Chia is highest in nutrients and guaranteed safe for your family.

I know from experience that Heirloom Chia will help you improve your health. So, I'm going to make you this promise. Try my product, 100% at my risk. If it doesn't do what I've said it does just email or call within 60 days and tell us... and you'll get all of your money back. Yes, ALL of it. The only thing I ask is that you give it an honest try and take at least 1 tablespoon a day. Please don't let it sit on a shelf.

You have nothing to lose but your high blood pressure.

Walter Fry, President